Five Minute Logo looks great on Business Cards and T-Shirts!

In an effort to continue my transition to a Drupal Developer, I thought I should rebrand myself. Since I like surprises, I ordered a five minute logo designed by professional graphic designer Von Glitschka. This being a five minute logo that only cost me $5, I had no input and no refunds. If I didn't like it, too bad. After all, it was only $5. Initially, I figured I would get something that would spark an idea. Then I would refine the design myself. However, after seeing the new logo and it's meaning, I thought it would be memorable and look great on t-shirts and business cards.

The original way it was designed has my name on bottom. On a t-shirt this works well because the icon is pointing up at my head as if it's saying: "This Guy is Awesome!" On business cards this didn't make sense so I moved my name to the top to get the same point across.

So here are my fresh and fancy business cards and t-shirts. I decided to order business cards from MOO because they have the square cards I was looking for. For just a few dollars more I upgraded the cards to have nice orange edges that match the t-shirts ordered from CustomInk (see below). Overall I think this quick and dirty method of branding is coming together nicely.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 5.13.13 PM.png